DPC Dinotastic Walk + Run Virtual Race

DPC Dinotastic Walk + Run Virtual Race | @DPCDigitals

Let’s Get Moving… Together!

It’s a new month and a new chance to get moving to earn new medals with the June DPC DIno-tastic Walk + Run virtual event! This month’s virtual race will work exactly like the previous month’s events and will be progressive. That means there will be just one event, but you will be able to earn up to six different medals for passing certain distance milestone markers – 1, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 (miles or kms depending on your measurement preference).

Just like the previous events, this virtual race will be completely free and will work on an honor system regarding giving out finisher rewards. The goal is to help each other get in better health and shape with an extra fun motivational reward.


DPC Dinotastic Walk + Run Virtual Race | @DPCDigitals

First, decide what distance you are going to aim to complete. You will have until June 3-th to complete your progress. You can just reach some of the smaller 1 – 5 mile milestones or challenge yourself with the ultimate challenge medal of 30 miles!

Once you’ve decided on your distance goal, you’ll want to download your digital goodie sticker pack and playlist. You’ll find those further down the page. Use those to set up your pages in your digital planners to help keep you motivated and to track your progress. (Don’t forget there are some virtual event tracker templates in the new One Month Get Fit Planners!)

Once you hit a distance milestone, post a pic in the DPC Fitness Group with your finished details (don’t forget to include which milestone you reached!), and if possible, a screenshot of the device you tracked your progress (ie. Apple Watch, FitBit, etc.) and the hashtag #dpcdinotasticfinisher. This hashtag lets the DPC Planner Squad know you’ve finished and would like a link to your finisher rewards. They will message you a link to your download for the distance milestone you’ve reached.

DPC Dinotastic Walk + Run Virtual Race | @DPCDigitals

The finisher digital rewards include:

  • A digital medal for your milestone – these are perfect for your DPC Planner Girl!
  • A digital coin for your milestone – perfect for tracking all of your completed virtual race events in the Virtual Event tracker page in the Get Fit One Month Planners.
  • A digital finisher certificate
  • Ribbon banner graphic with finished text on it (and a blank version).


  • You will need to finish your virtual races by June 30th, 2022 and post your completion info with the hashtag #dpcdinotasticfinisher in the DPC Fitness Group. You will be able to post and receive your finishing rewards for a few days after the event deadline.
  • You can do these races in any form you wish – run, walk, bike, dance, roll… The goal is to get moving, so any activity that counts for that will work.
  • You can do these on any days that you want and that fits with your schedule. There is not a specific “race day.”
  • This month the race event is milestone based, so once you hit a milestone you are eligible for the finisher reward for that milestone. So you do NOT need to add up all the mile totals like in previous events.
  • We’ll be posting fun motivating tips and more in the DPC Fitness Group, so join us there for even more fun!
  • While some of these numbers may seem overwhelming, keep in mind you can hit these milestones at any pace that works for you! Whatever helps you complete the task and do something positive for yourself counts!
  • DISCLAIMER: It is strongly recommended that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. You should be in good physical condition and be able to participate in the exercise. DPC Digitals is not a licensed medical care provider and represents that it has no expertise in diagnosing, examining, or treating medical conditions of any kind, or in determining the effect of any specific exercise on a medical condition.


1m/km Milestone

Get started by finishing 1m or 1k!

DPC Dinotastic Walk + Run Virtual Race | @DPCDigitals

5m/5k Milestone

Keep going by finishing 5m or 5k!

DPC Dinotastic Walk + Run Virtual Race | @DPCDigitals

10m/10k Milestone

Get moving and finish 10 total miles or km!

DPC Dinotastic Walk + Run Virtual Race | @DPCDigitals

15m/15k Challenge

Challenge yourself to complete 15m or km!

DPC Dinotastic Walk + Run Virtual Race | @DPCDigitals

20m/20k Milestone

Push yourself and complete 20 total miles or km by the end of the month!

DPC Dinotastic Walk + Run Virtual Race | @DPCDigitals

30m/30k Ultimate Challenge

Take on the ultimate challenge and finish 30 miles or km by the end of the month!

DPC Dinotastic Walk + Run Virtual Race | @DPCDigitals

Virtual Race Goodie Bag

DPC Dinotastic Walk + Run Virtual Race | @DPCDigitals

To download these freebies…
Just click here and download the files you desire from Google Drive. Your virtual race goodie bag includes…

  • Digital Race Bib for use in your digital planner
  • Virtual race themed DPC Planner girl
  • 49 virtual race related stickers for tracking your progress
  • 1 GoodNotes zip file of all of these stickers precropped!
  • 1 regular ZIP file of the individual sticker files for use with other apps.

Event Playlist

Get a little extra motivation with this curated 80s vibes playlist just for this event! The songs are in order of BPM so the list includes warm-up and cool-down songs at the beginning and end of the list.