Get Spotted!

You’ve Been Spotted Planner Squad Giveaway!

Get Spotted Giveawawy

It’s time for the February Spotted Giveaway! Each squad team has been given parts of a new sticker set to give away to community members using DPC Digitals products.


Getting “spotted” is simple. You just need to post a layout using mostly DPC Digitals products on the DPC Facebook groups or Instagram AND use the hashtag #dpcdigitals. Using the hashtag lets the Planner Squad know you want to be “found.”


To help the DPC Digitals Planner Squad spot more people the squad is split into two teams – Team One and Team Two. Each team has three unique sets to give away, for a total of six sets for the month. This will hopefully allow you to get spotted a bit easier since you will be able to be spotted for ALL six sets for the entire month.


  • Any post you’ve made using mostly DPC Digitals products with the hashtag #dpcdigitals between February 1st – 28th that hasn’t already been spotted, is eligible to be spotted for this month’s giveaway.
  • This is a giveaway to support the DPC Digitals community. With that in mind, while the Planner Squad tries to “spot” as many people as possible, posts with predominately DPC Digitals stickers will be given priority.
  • Please keep in mind that posts of the same content posted within the same group may not be spotted. For example, reposting your Spot Tracker page with very little to no changes.
  • Posts can include ANY DPC Digitals products – including anything from the great collection of freebies!
  • If you aren’t able to get the full set or do not want to participate in this giveaway, the full set will be available in the shop for purchase in March.


This month’s theme uses the colors from the Borealis color scheme. You’ll find Spot enjoying everyday life and focusing on some planning fun in his typical sassy and humorous self. You can see a breakdown of this month’s sets by Planner Squad team below. Remember, to get the full set, you will need to be spotted six times by the DPC Digital’s Planner Squad so make sure to use the hashtag #dpcdigitals to let them know you want to be spotted and good luck!


Please keep in mind these are preview images of the sets. If you would like these stickers you will need to “get spotted” by the DPC Planner Squad. Once you are spotted they will send you a link to where you can download the GoodNotes and PNG files. If you’re not sure how to Get Spotted, please read the information at the beginning of this page.


Get Spotted Set | February 2023 | Team One | Pink


Get Spotted Set | February 2023 | Team Two | Hot Pink
Get Spotted Set | February 2023 | Team One | Indigo
Get Spotted Set | February 2023 | Team Two | Kiwi
Get Spotted Set | February 2023 | Team One | Aqua
Get Spotted Set | February 2023 | Team Two | Teal

Track It!

Not sure what sets you have or who you need to get spotted by still to get the full set? Use this handy tracker to stay on top of it!


  • On a COMPUTER: Just right-click the image and click “Save Image As…”
  • On iOS Device: Tap and hold on the image until the pop-up selection menu appears, then tap “Save Image.” You can find the saved image in the Photos app.
  • On ANDROID Device: Touch and hold the image. Tap Download image.
Get Spotted Tracker | February 2023 | @DPCDigitals