FREEBIE: Spot Plans April

Spot Plans April @DPCDigitals

We all love Spot and I know you all love getting these each month, however, this month the Planner Squad ran into a few technical issues with some Facebook updates and as a result, some of you didn’t get spotted properly. I greatly appreciate all the effort you all put into posting and getting spotted, so I’ve decided to giveaway the Spot Plans April set to make up for these technical issues. This means as of right now you’ve been officially spotted for April!!

Freebie Set Includes

To download these freebies…
Just click this link and download the files you desire from Google Drive. This month’s freebies include…

  • All SIX Spot Sets for the month of April
  • 1 GoodNotes zip file of all of these stickers precropped!
  • 1 zip file of the individual PNG Files for use with other apps/devices.

If you use these in your layouts, don’t forget to tag us @dpcdigitals!! 😀

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